Saturday, July 23, 2022

Mike's Tank (Second Visit)

I went back to Mike's house to get an update on his corals, he added a few new pieces from TSA that have a lot of potential! He did lose a few pieces due to a calcium issue but thankfully he is the only person I know of who still has the Jurnee's Unicorn 🦄


TSA Nightshade

TSA Fallen Angel

Sexy Corals Orange Passion

Sapphire Millepora

Reef Raft Rainbow Loom

Jurnee's Unicorn

Cinnamon Clownfish & BTA

Bubblegum Millepora

Blueberry Valida

Dale's Purple Unknown

PC Rainbow

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

New Tank Shots

TSA Princess Peach

BC Backdraft The Movie Table

Sunday, March 13, 2022

Jason Fox Homewrecker

I am loving this Tenuis right now!

Saturday, December 18, 2021

Acro Update

I recently tested my potassium and magnesium and both were well under natural seawater values. I have since corrected the levels this month and the polyp extension has exploded!

JF Homewrecker

Vivid's Confetti

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Mike's Tank

I went to my buddy Mike Nush's place to pick up some frags and took some photos while I was there. His tank is seven years old, he uses a standard 125 gallon (72"x18"x22") with a hang-on back overflow, lit by an 8 bulb 60" ATI Sunpower with ATI bulbs. He uses a refugium with caulerpa macroalgae, and a Reef Octopus protein skimmer. He doses Aquaforest two-part daily with a Jebao dosing pump and hand doses vitamins every two weeks.

Walt Disney

WWC Silver Surfer

TSA Twisted Sister

SC Orange Passion

Sapphire Millepora

RR Rainbow Loom

Ricky's Octopussy

PC Rainbow

ORA Red Planet

JF Fox Flame

Dale's Purple Unknown

Blueberry Valida

ASD Strawberry Lemonade

Bubblegum Millepora

JF Homewrecker

WT Mother of Pearl

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

It Has Been Awhile . . .

Life has been busy lately between getting married, having a baby on the way, nursing school, and building a new home but I needed to update the blog with some new photos. I lost a few pieces due to my salinity being 42 PPT thanks to using old refractometer calibration solution. I now use Randy's DIY solution and after two months the tank is really turning around.

JF Homewrecker

BC Kermit Song Granulosa

BC Honeycomb

ARC Fireworks

    WWC Nuclear Grapes

Blue Eyed Goniopora

Red Goniopora

Thursday, March 4, 2021


 I picked up a few very unique Blastomussa corals from Pacific East Aquaculture.

Dr. Mac Christmas Wreath Blastomussa

Dr. Mac Gold Chunks Blastomussa

Dr. Mac Lava Flow Blastomussa

Dr. Mac Rum Punch Blastomussa

Dr. Mac Spiderwoman Blastomussa

Dr. Mac Milky Way Blastomussa

Dr. Mac Ironman Blastomussa

Blue Raven Blastomussa Merletti

Saturday, February 20, 2021


 I have seen many reefers lately suffering from random SPS losses and see they are finding philaster on the coral under a microscope. I decided to check one of my corals that recently died and found the same thing.