Wednesday, January 27, 2010

NP Biopellets Update

The colors of the corals have increased dramatically since the addition of the NP Biopellets but the algae is still there and actually has worsened. The skimmate inside the skimmer has darkened and looks almost black. As you can see from this picture of my frag rack the algae has gone nuts. The rocks look clean but where the tangs and snails cannot get to the algae has taken over (aka. the nutrient levels haven't dropped yet with the addition of the Biopellets).

Friday, January 15, 2010

More Australian Eye Candy from Live Aquaria

Aussie Blue Acropora Gomezi $79.99

Australian green Acropora Robusta with purple tips $199.99

Aussie Pokerstar Montipora $99.99

Australian pink Acropora Hyacinthus $169.99

Aussie Bushy Blue Acropora Tenuis $139.99

Australian purple and green Acropora Granulosa $149.99

Aussie Staghorn Acropora Hoeksemai $89.99

Incredible Australian purple Acropora Nasuta $169.99

Fiji green and blue Acropora Austera $99.99

Australian super blue Acropora Tenuis $139.99

Friday, January 8, 2010

New Pictures

I recently purchased a Vortech MP40w. I took out all of the Koralia powerheads and run just the Vortech. I currently have the pump set on short pulse mode. Here are a few pictures from earlier today.

Sunset Montipora

Tyree Montipora Undata

Mean Green Zoanthid

Right side of the tank with the new Vortech MP40w

Thursday, January 7, 2010

NP Biopellets

I am testing out the NP Biopellets to try and reduce my phosphate levels to 0.00 ppm, they are currently at 0.07 ppm according to the Hanna Phosphate Photometer and I still have hair algae growing on the overflow and on my frag rack. I added 500mL of the Biopellets in a Phosban 550 reactor powered by a Maxijet 900. The pellets look like vanilla chocolate chips and sink when placed in water. I will add 10 drops of Brightwell MB7 in front of the maxijet daily to help cultivate a bacteria population on the biopellets. I am starting with 500mL of Biopellets but in three to six months I will run a total of 1L of Biopellets.