Sunday, May 31, 2015

May Update

The corals have been in the tank for two months are beginning to encrust and gaining color. The Mystery Wrasse has developed a strange red bump on its lower lip, I am not sure what it is.

My ZEOvit dosing schedule is:
0.5 mL of ZEOstart3 
Shake rocks daily
Twice per week
4 drops of ZEObak
15 mL Micro-Lift Special Blend
5 mL Brightwell MicroBacter7
4 drops of ZEOfood7
4 drops of KZ Sponge Power
4 drops of KZ Amino Acid Concentrate

Current parameters:
Temperature: 79
pH: 8.1
Salinity: 35ppt
Alkalinity: 9.3 dKH
Calcium: 430
Magnesium: 1240
Potassium: 430
Phosphate: 0.11
Nitrate: 2.5

I am running ROX 0.8 carbon and GFO passively in a mesh bag in the sump.