Tuesday, June 2, 2015

DIY Balling Method

I am experimenting with my own DIY Balling Method. I use Randy's recipe for DIY three part and added a few of my own supplements. I added 2 tbs. of strontium chloride into the calcium mixture (2.5 cups calcium chloride per gallon of RO water). I am also adding 5 tps. of potassium chloride and 10mL of Sachem Reef Trace into the magnesium mixture (5 cups magnesium chloride and 3 cups magnesium sulfate per gallon of RO water). The alkalinity mixture contains 2 cups soda ash per gallon of RO water. I want to start slow and document my findings. If I don't see results and my levels do not maintain via weekly testing I will adjust the dosing accordingly. I am currently adding 24 mL of alkalinity daily to maintain my levels. I am starting with 16 mL of calcium mixture and 12 mL of magnesium mixture.