Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Fish Update

My tank is currently an algae farm but here is a quick video of the fish I have. I added a Chevron Tang as well as a Male Pintail Fairy Wrasse. I am letting the tank run its algae course before I add corals back into the display. I removed the corals in August because the green hair algae was beginning to overtake the corals. I let the tank run for two weeks with no lights to kill the hair algae but to my surprise it did not make a huge dent. I am currently running a refugium with Chaetomorpha algae and dosing vodka. I still dose ZEObak and Sponge Power but the other ZEOvit products are not being used. Nitrates are at 2.5 mg/L and phosphates are between 0.05 and 0.08 ppm. I am no longer running GFO, I occasionally dose lanthanum chloride. I still run ROX 0.8 carbon passively in a mesh bag in the sump. I am currently running the metal halides for 3 hours per day and the T5's for 6 hours per day.