Sunday, December 10, 2017

Frag Tank Update

I installed a GFO/carbon reactor on the frag tank as well and began dosing vinegar to lower the nitrates. Hopefully the color and growth will take off again.

Vivid Rainbow

Sunday, December 3, 2017

December Update

I replaced my metal halide/T5/LED combo for an 8 bulb ATI Sunpower. The PAR is identical to the previous trifecta and I am now using 432 watts of power versus 770 watts. I also added a GFO reactor which is also running ROX 0.8 carbon as well as dosing vinegar via the dosing pump.

Ricky's Poison Ivy

RR Rainbow Loom

Ricky's Yellow Viper

Dale's Purple Unknown

JF Fox Flame

ARC Fireworks

Blastomussa rock

Sunday, October 29, 2017

October Update

The corals are starting to color back up and growth has definitely exploded. I added 2 liters of Seachem DeNitrate to help lower nitrates and I have increased my feeding.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

ATI ICP Test (September 2017)

After performing 55 gallons worth of water changes between August 21st and September 26th, below are my ICP values. I did add Seachem Cuprisorb three days prior to sending out the sample. As you can see, the Tin, Iron, Zinc and Aluminum values dropped. Possibly from the Cuprisorb or from performing five small water changes. The silicon values dropped as well after replacing my RO & DI filters, the previous test showed my make up water was 202.3 ug/L and after replacing the filters it dropped to 12.86 ug/L.

120 Gallon ATI ICP Results

120 Gallon Marin Lab ICP Results

RO/DI Water ATI ICP Results (120 Gallon Test)

RO/DI Water Marin Lab ICP Results (120 Gallon Test)

In contrast, the chemistry values on the 160 gallon are not ideal yet the colors and growth are not suffering like the 120 gallon. Maybe the corals are missing more feeding as the chaetomorpha algae grows faster in the 160 than in the 120. 

160 Gallon ATI ICP Results

RO/DI Water ATI ICP Results (160 Gallon Test)

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

ATI ICP Test (August 2017)

Below are the results of my August 21st ATI ICP Test.

Water analysis of my RO/DI water.

I dose Seachem Reef Trace and Seachem Reef Plus, either product is very high in Tin. Reef Plus also contains the same amount of Copper as Tin and the ICP test showed there was 0 Copper in the tank. I will have to test a fresh sample of salt water to see if the source is the Aquaforest Reef salt. I have been dosing KZ Sponge Power which is mostly sodium silicate because I have seen an increase in sponge growth but I may not need it as my RO/DI water is a good source of silica.

Seachem Reef Trace

Seachem Reef Plus

Sunday, August 20, 2017

August Update

Full Tank Shot

CRT Rainbow Explosion

Below are the results of my August 15th CoralVue ICP Test.

ICP Test Results
120 Gallon

160 Gallon

Arsen's 300 Gallon Reef

I went over to my buddy Arsen's tank and took a few photos, his tank is only a few weeks old but has all the proper equipment and husbandry for a successful reef tank.

Full Tank Shot

Klayi Basslet

Royal Gramma

Gold Assessor