Monday, October 31, 2016

Aquaforest ICP Test Results

I had the pleasure of attending MACNA in San Diego this past September and entered my water sample to Aquaforest for a free ICP water testing. The water sample was collected on October 7th and the results were received on October 31st. I really like how Aquaforest tests a sample of your RO water and your tank water to see what elements are being added through your RO water before you mix the salt and other additives or food in your tank.

120 Gallon RO water test

120 Gallon water test

80 Gallon RO water test

80 Gallon water test

Saturday, October 8, 2016

120 & 80 Gallon Shots

Some shots from the 120 gallon

 Icefire Echinata

ORA Pearlberry 

PC Superman

Purple Bonsai

Tyree Pink Lemonade

Some shots from the 80 gallon

ORA Red Planet

Ricky's Poison Ivy

Tyree Pink Lemonade

Upscales Microclados

Battle Corals Rainbow in Spain

Monday, October 3, 2016

PAR Readings

I replaced both of the Hamilton 20K metal halide bulbs but kept the same T5's running. The bottom of the metal halide pendant is 9.75" above the water surface and PAR increased on average 23% versus the 9 month old metal halide bulbs. The left metal halide ballast is drawing 269 watts and the right side is drawing 257 watts.

JF Fox Flame

RR Rainbow Loom

Ricky's Planet Earth Austera

Sunday, October 2, 2016

PAR Readings

I borrowed an unopened Apogee MQ-500 quantum meter to test the PAR readings on both of my tanks. The metal halide bulbs on the 120 gallon are 9 months old and the T5's are and the bottom of the metal halide pendant is 9.75" above the water surface. The bulbs on the 80 gallon are 11 months old and the bottom of the Sunpower is 8.5" above the water surface.

120 Gallon

Bulb combo: 2 Hamilton 20K & 2 ATI Actinic

80 Gallon

Bulb combo: 4 ATI Blue Plus, 2 ATI Coral Plus & 2 ATI Actinic