Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Time for an update!

I removed a few corals and replaced them with new frags. I also added a few more fish :) I was having trouble these past few months after upgrading my protein skimmer because my corals lightened up a lot and looked a lot like the ZEOvit tanks (not a look that I prefer). I started feeding heavily and bumped my nitrates up to 10 mg/L and saw my colors come back. They are a little darker than I would like but in a few months they will be back to normal. I am also going to add a refugium back into my sump. I feel that my tank was more stable when I had one with the old protein skimmer. Here are a few top down shots.

 Banana Caroliniana

 Tyree Purple Dragon Eyes

 Ricky's Poison Ivy

Ultimate's Rainbow

Skittles Granulosa

Tyree Purple Monster

PC Superman

Reefermadness Rainbow Nasuta

20,000 Leagues Dragon

 Cornbred's Ice Dragon

 Battle Corals Doomsday Lokani

ORA Hawkin's

 30,000 Leagues Lokani

 Cebu Pylei Fairy Wrasse

 Geometric Pygmy Hawk

Pink Margin Fairy Wrasse

ORA Pearlberry