Friday, October 16, 2009

Aussie Corals

Some Australian SPS corals from Live Aquaria's Diver's Den.

Australian peach Acropora Millepora with green polyps $169.99

Australian pink Acropora Millepora $129.99

Australian blue & green Acropora Paniculata with purple tips $149.99

Australian teal, blue and purple Acropora Latistella $129.99

Australian pink Acropora Hyacinthus $129.99

Australian purple Acropora Nasuta with blue tips, and a smaller blue polyps Nasuta on one rock $149.99

Australian Fuchsia Acropora Millepora $129.99

Australian glowing green and pink Acropora Millepora $169.99

Australian green and blue Acropora Elseyi with purple tips $139.99

Australian green and orange Acropora Nasuta with purple tips $149.99

Australian purple Acropora Anthocercis with green tips $169.99

Australian blue polyp Acropora Tenuis with pink tips on rock with yellow birdsnest coral $179.99

Australian green, powder blue and purple Acropora Secale $249.99

Australian pink Acropora Nasuta with purple polyps $149.99

Australian green and blue Acropora Granulosa with purple corallites $129.99

Australian blue Acropora Hoeksemai $149.99

Austalian pink Acropora Digitifera $129.99

Aussie Bushy Acropora Divaricata $89.99

Aussie Bushy Acropora Nasuta $169.99

Australian neon green polyp Stylophora $129.99

Australian teal and sky blue Acropora Latistella $149.99

Australian green Montipora Venosa with pink polyps $149.99

Australian neon green Acropora Anthocercis $129.99

Australian green Acropora Robusta with purple tips $199.99

Australian green Acropora Selago with blue polyps $299.99

Australian green Montipora coral with pink polyps $199.99

Australian green Acropora Anthocercis with blue tips $299.99

Australian green Acropora Stoddarti with pink tips $129.99

Australian green Acropora Subulata with purple tips $129.99
Australian blue & purple Acropora Verweyi $129.99

Australian green Acropora Abrotanoides with pink tips $129.99

Australian purple and orange Acropora Divaricata $129.99

Australian super blue and purple Acropora Loripes $179.99

Australian purple Acropora Secale with neon green polyps and blue tips $179.99

Australian purple and sky blue Acropora Nasuta $199.99

Australian intense purple with blue tips Acropora Nana $139.99

Australian teal, blue, purple and green Acropora Loripes $129.99


  1. You paid to much. You should try

    1. Yes, for much cheaper you could have flatworm infested mariculture from indo instead of wild Australian pieces.

    2. You're an idiot. For one, I've done business with Happy Coral including trans shipments with him. Good guy. Aussie is just as easy to get as indo. Second, they don't have flatworms in Australia? Your brain produces nothing but garbage. Dumbass. Keep overpaying for coral and tell yourself its better cause its more expensive like the rest of the morons on nano-reefers. You don't know your ass from a hole in the ground.

    3. Aussie is just plain gangsta. Indonesia you can get TB, HepA,B,C and all shorts of other $hit that will straight up DP you in the A.

  2. I didn't buy these, they're simply for show.

  3. These are quite expensive, although very nice. I have some nice coral, but didn't ay anything near this.