Thursday, March 3, 2011

120 Tear Down Update

So far everything has been going smoothly. The tank is finally empty of coral and live rock. I still have to remove the sand and move to fish into the 40 gallon breeder where I will be quarantining my newly arrived fish. The live rock is currently being dried outside in the 30 degree weather before I re-cure it. The corals are doing well in their new frag tank and are beginning to color up. After removing all the live rock and seeing the mass amount of detritus release from the sand bed I am without a doubt going bare bottom in a few months. Removing the corals wasn't too time consuming, here are a few pictures.


  1. Awww, why are you tearing the tank down? Pest issues? or moving?

  2. The corals were growing into each other. I want to use less live rock, start over with just SPS and LPS frags, and go bare bottom.