Monday, December 21, 2009

Stan's 180 & 120

Tonight I went over to Stan's (SMCOOLER) to trade some corals and check out his new aquascape in his 180 gallon. He has all of his tanks connected to a Bubble King 300 External protein skimmer. He runs 400 watt Reeflux 10K bulbs on his display tank with no supplementation. He uses both Vortech MP 40's and Tunze Streams. He runs a ZEOvit system and uses 6 liters of the ZEOlith rocks (his colors are amazing). He runs a chiller and calcium reactor as well as a kalkwasser reactor and doses two-part.

He has the best frag tank, he has two 48"x24"x12" frag tanks. One is lit by a 400w Ushio 20K and the other is lit by a 400w Reeflux 10K and a 250w Radium 20K.

This is his 180 gallon reef ready tank

This is his 120 gallon tank

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