Monday, December 21, 2009

Wendy's 180

Over Thanksgiving break I visited Wendy's (JerseyWendy) beautiful 180 gallon reef tank that was lit by eight 80 watt T5's. Here are some stats and pictures.
180 gallon reef ready tank
Eight bulb 60" 80 watt IceCap T5 Retrofit
Bulb Combo from front to back:
ATI Blue Plus
Giesemann Pure Actinic 03
ATI Aquablue Special
GE 6,500
ATI Blue Plus
ATI Aquablue Special
ATI Blue Plus
ATI Blue Plus
She uses two-part for calcium and alkalinity and doses magnesium as well as amino acids
Octopus Extreme 250 protein skimmer
Two Vortech MP40 powerhead
One Hydor Koralia 4 powerhead
Carbon and phosphate media are run in a TLF reactor

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