Sunday, December 5, 2010

Corals For Sale

I have quite a few corals for sale as I'm breaking down my tank to rebuild it. Once I get rid of these pieces I will be able to start over. I plan to grow everything from 1" frags and to scrap the old mother colonies. I am selling the following corals. Feel free to email me with any questions.

$25 for any of these 1" frags
ORA Blue & Green “Cali” Tortuosa
ORA Green Birdsnest
ORA Chip’s Acropora
Sky Blue Turaki
Pink Millepora
Forest Fire Digitata
Purple Digitata
Turquoise Parilis
Orange with Blue Rim Montipora Capricornis
Pink with Blue Polyps Pocillopora
Green/Lime Pocillopora
Pink with Green Polyp Stylophora
Pink with Purple Polyp Stylophora
ATL Rainbow Cat’s Paw Stylophora
Tub’s Orange, Green & Yellow Birdsnest
Orange with Green Tips Birdsnest

$35 for any of these 3/4"-1" frags
ORA Red Planet
ORA Purple Plasma
ORA Hawkin’s Echinata
ORA Roscoe's
Upscales Microcladus
Greg Hiller Aqua Delight
Reefermadness Limeade
Rainbow Nasuta Ecto Cooler “Sunset” Millepora
Purple with Blue Tips Turaki
PP Purple Tri-Color Cerealis
Green/Pink Verweyi
Green with Blue Rim Montipora Confusa
Eggplant Nana
Purple & Green Miyagi Tortuosa
Lime in the Sky Acropora

$45 for any of these 3/4"-1" frags
Fire & Ice “Rocket Pop” Acropora Hyacinthus
Tyree Sunset Montipora
Tyree Superman Montipora
Tub’s Mystic Blue
Tyree Purple Monster (1 available)
Tyree Pink Lemonade (1 available)

2 heads for $20-$25
Green with Pink Tip Branching Frogspawn
Green Branching Hammer
Neon Green Trumpet

Montezuma's Revenge Zoanthid (3" rock $30)
Gorilla Nipples Zoanthid (2" rock $20)
Mean Green Zoanthid (fully encrusted on 8" rock $90)
Green Crossettes Zoanthid (2" rock $25)
Painted Desert Palythoa (7" rock fully encrusted $50)

Green with Orange Spotted Mushroom (3" rock $25)

Soft Corals
Green Starburst Polyp (7" rock $50)

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