Thursday, December 9, 2010

Live Aquaria Diver's Den

Here are some nice looking acropora's that I would eventually like to add to my tank.

Australian green Acropora Subulata coral with purple corallites $159.99

Bali Maricultured blue Acropora Hoeksemai $89.99

Bali maricultured pink and green Acropora Abrotanoides with bright green polyps $69.99

Bali maricultured blue and green Acropora Insignis $69.99

Australian super blue and purple Acropora Loripes $179.99

Fiji green, purple and pink Acropora Sarmentosa $79.99

The real deal, Australian blue Acropora Echinata $349.99

X-large Australian neon green Acropora Aculeus $199.99

Bali blue and green Acropora Loripes $99.99

Wild Strawberry Shortcake $399.99

Australian green and blue Acropora Loripes $139.99

Vivid blue and pink Acropora Millepora $99.99

Bali maricultured green with purple tips Acropora Loripes $89.99

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