Thursday, July 2, 2009

Eye candy from Live Aquaria

Some of the selection that Live Aquaria's Diver's Den LPS section offers

Australian vibrant orange, green, and purple Scolymia australia $379.99

Australian rainbow Scolymia australia $699.99

Aussie Orange Scolymia australia $399.99

Australian orange and green Scolymia australia $269.99

Australian blue, red, and purple Scolymia australis $399.99

Australian glowing orange, purple, blue, and green Scolymia australia $699.99

Australian bright orange, red, purple and teal Scolymia Australis $449.99

Red short tentacle plate coral $399.99

Bright red Malaysian short tentacle plate coral with purple tipped tentacles $399.99

Bright True Red shot tentacle plate coral $399.99

Twelve polyps of glowing red and purple Australian Acanthastrea coral $129.99

Fourteen of Australian red, pink, and green Acanthastrea $129.99

Dendrophyllia coccinea $299.99

Red, Orange, blue and green Acanthophyllia deshayesiana $279.99

Solomon Green and pink elegance coral with purple tips $179.99

Red and neon green Blastomussa Wellsi $249.99

Red button with purple center Cynarina lacrymalis $89.99

Pink and Orange flowerpot coral $149.99

Australian red and green Acanthastrea Hillae $449.99

True neon green hammer ancora $179.99

Green with pink tips hammer ancora $89.99

Australian golden hammer ancroa $199.99

Australian gold branching torch coral $149.99

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