Thursday, July 2, 2009

More eye candy from Live Aquaria

Here are some nice SPS corals that are sold in Live Aquaria's Diver's Den.

Vivid Blue Acropora Gomezi $99.99

Australian green Montipora coral with pink polyps $199.99

Solomon maricultured glowing pink Acropora Millepora $99.99

Solomon Maricultured orange, yellow, and green Acropora Millepora $99.99

Mint Green Acropora Plana coral with purple tips $79.99

Blue and pink Acropora Millepora $99.99

Bali maricultured green Acropora Tenuis with blue tips $79.99

Bali purple rim, neon polyp, green Montipora Undata $149.99

Australian green Acropora Subulata with purple tips $129.99

Bali maricultured bright neon green Acropora Multiacuta $69.99

Bali maricultured blue Acropora Vermiculata $79.99

Australian purple and sky blue Acropora Nasuta $199.99

Australian teal and sky blue Acropora Latistella $149.99

Australian purple Acropora Secale with neon green polyps and blue tips $179.99

Australian intense purple with blue tips Acropora Nana $139.99

Australian green Acropora Abrotanoides with pink tips $129.99

Bali blue and green Acropora Loripes $99.99

Australian super blue and purple Acropora Loripes $179.99

Australian green Acropora Selago with blue polyps $299.99

Australian green Acropora Anthocercis with blue tips $299.99

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