Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lumen Bright Hybrid Lighting Unit Combines MH, T5 and LED

A new hybrid lighting unit that pairs CoralVue Lumen Bright Metal Halide reflectors with two banks of T5s and LEDs for moon lighting. This combination is not a radically new idea, but it is the first time that a reflector of this calibre (e.g. Lumen Bright, Lumenarc, Lumen Max) has been integrated with supplementary light sources at a commercial level.

The T5's are angled, reducing light spill from the halide and directing the T5’s output into the tank. A total of four T5 tubes are used (two on each side of the Lumen Brights) and the ballasts are integrated inside the unit. Metal Halide ballasts are sold separately, but this a good thing given the bulb-ballast preferences each aquarist has. The pendant / hood is not the most attractive, but skinned in a wood box shell and you have a simple, relatively plug-and-play floating canopy with enough light intensity for any Acropora. No word on price yet.

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