Friday, July 24, 2009

Live Aquaria order

I ordered a Maldives McCosker's wrasse from Live Aquaria along with some other fish. The first wrasse was acclimated by my sister because I was away. It jumped out of the tank and died. LA replaced the fish yesterday and the second one died upon arrival. I will try one more time on Tuesday. I hope all goes well with this next shipment. I think LA is trying to get rid of these fish because they are sick or diseased because they are regularly $69.99 and on sale for $34.99. The one that came yesterday had a big white mark on its one side. The five Green Chromis and Tail Spot Blenny are doing great! I'm also rebuilding my wrasse screen with a tighter mesh to prevent the smaller fish from escaping from the tank.

Here is a picture of the tighter mesh netting.

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